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Playing Challenge the Yankees

Our Game

CTY is a "simple" card-and-dice game undergirded by a sophisticated statistical formula. You and a friend each control a team of 25 ballplayers from 1964. Play as the New York Yankees, or challenge them with a team of All-Stars from around the League (or a team of your choosing, using our blank player cards).

By pairing a dice roll with our statistically precise player cards, all-time greats like Yankees ace Whitey Ford and Braves slugger Hank Aaron perform within 2% of their actual lifetime averages as you moved them around the diamond.

Whether you're a board game enthusiast, a diehard Yankees fan, a baseball memorabilia junkie, or just looking for some simple, classic fun, you'll love CTY. 


Play 9 innings of Major League baseball in the comfort of your living room!

1. Choose nine players from your 25-man roster and record your lineup on the score pad. 

2. When your team is up to bat, roll the dice. 

3. Refer to the "performance profile" on the card of the player at bat to discover the outcome of the play. If the outcome is a base on balls, home run, or strike out, the play is over. Move all player pegs accordingly. If the outcome is a fly ball, roll again for the same at-bat player.

4. If the outcome is a single, double, triple, fly ball, or ground ball, the pitching team's manager selects and reads aloud a corresponding Fielder Action Card. Player pegs are then moved according to the instructions on the card. 

5. Continue playing according to MLB rules (3 outs, 9 innings, etc.) until you've arrived at a winner!

CTY's Future

Today, creator Roger Franklin is partnering with his son and grandson to relaunch this celebrated baseball board game. And we need YOUR help to make it a reality! 

Our team has digitally restored the artwork on the cover and player cards, while preserving the vintage design and gameplay our fans know and love. So when you play Challenge the Yankees with your friends or family, you'll be transported back to a simpler time, when Bonanza was the most popular show on TV, kids played outside until sunset, and smart phones weren't around to distract us from the important things in life. 

In order to manufacture our game and bring it to your living room, we've launching an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign! Be sure to subscribe to our e-mail list (using the box at the top of this page) to be notified when our campaign page goes live!

History of the Game


The concept of Challenge the Yankees was conceived of back in 1945 by NYU students Allen Finkelson and Roger Franklin. A distinguished Army veteran of World War II and a Yankees minor league prospect, Allen went on to befriended many Yankees players and executives during his illustrious career as a harness racing executive. Meanwhile, Roger Franklin spent the next 17 years running a successful advertising agency, where he wrote the marketing report that put American Express in the credit card business.

Creating the Game

When Roger finally created Challenge the Yankees in 1962, Allen's connections were key to bringing it to life. Yankees owners Del Webb and Dan Topping, upon the urging of executive Bob Fishel, authorized Roger to market CTY as "The Official New York Yankees Baseball Game." Pioneering player representative Frank Scott was also a key partner, as he acquired the rights to use players' autographs and signatures on CTY's player strategy cards.

Going to Production

Roger then partnered with gaming giant Hasbro to produce and distribute Challenge the Yankees in 1964. In just two short years, CTY sold 250,000 copies.

Meet the Team

Roger Franklin

Roger Franklin is the creator of Challenge the Yankees. After creating the game, Roger engaged in numerous successful business and philanthropic ventures. Enterprising and curious by nature, he has in recent years become a celebrated sculptor among the South Florida art community.  Now, Roger is leveraging his business acumen, extensive connections, and ceaseless energy to bring Challenge the Yankees back for fans new and old.

Richard Franklin

Roger's son, Richard Franklin, is a lifelong Yankees fan who grew up playing Challenge the Yankees.  In recent years, Richard observed that his passion for the game was shared by thousands of baseball fans and memorabilia collectors, some of whom have paid hundreds of dollars to get their hands on the CTY card of their favorite ball player. Inspired by those CTY fans and his own nostalgia, Richard resolved to bring his father's game back to its former glory. His decades of experience in business operations, entrepreneurship, and sales has prepared him to forge the business and consumer relations needed to make Challenge the Yankees a major seller once again. 

Michael Sokolow

Roger's grandson, Michael Sokolow, joined the team in December 2016. As COO/CMO, he's taking the lead on managing our Indiegogo campaign and online presence, leveraging his wide-ranging experience with social media outreach, fundraising, communications, and startups to spread the word about Challenge the Yankees across the country. Michael's goal is to ensure that when you contribute to our campaign, you'll join a vast community of likeminded owners of history's greatest baseball game: Challenge the Yankees!

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